Sep 27, 2014

Pink Walls

Dress: Gala Boutique / Sandals: Kaoba / Bag: American Eagle

I'm writing this post from México. (wohoo) I came back for the weekend because I have a meeting on Monday, so I decided I would come earlier to be with my boy and enjoy the weekend. I'm so excited to be here again, it feels so weird to realize I'm not living here anymore but at the same time it feels as though I never left. Mexico has defenitely won my heart and now I'm having a hard time coming to terms with leaving again. Thankfully my day job has a lot to do with Mexicans, they are like our bosses so I'll have to come here again and again through out the year. My next trip will be Cancun for a Seminar, how cool is that?

Anyway I wanted to leave you with an outfit I wore last weekend when I went to my grandma's house to eat pozol (do not think it's just like pozole, the mexican dish, it's a bit different). The day was sunny and I just felt like I could wear something very girly for a change. However, the weather has been so crazy that in a few hours it got cold and started raining so my outfit didn't really fit in at all with the weather. 


Estoy escribiendo este post desde México (wohoo), vine nuevamente este fin de semana porque tengo una reunión de trabajo el lunes entonces decidí venirme antes para poder disfrutar del fin de semana con mi novio. Estoy tan emocionada de estar aquí otra vez. Se siente extraño el hecho de pensar que ya no vivo aquí, pero aún así hay parte de mí que siente que nunca me he ido. Afortunadamente mi trabajo tiene mucha relación con los mexicanos, ya que les tenemos que dar a ellos muchas cuentas entonces estaré viajando a México a menudo este año. De hecho mi próxima parada es a Cancún a un seminario, ¿qué tan cool es eso?

En fin, quería dejarlos con mi outfit del fin de semana pasado. Me lo puse porque amaneció soleado y super lindo el día y como quería verme un poco más femenina entonces me puse un vestidito. Para mi suerte, el clima cambió y al cabo de unas horas empezó a llover y a ponerse frío por lo que mi outfit no terminó siendo el adecuado. 

Ana Lu

Sep 24, 2014

Home Town

Blouse: Pull & Bear / Jeans: Forever 21 / Sandals: Forever 21 / Bag: Zara

Cartago is my home town. It is one small town near the capital, San José, and like every other little town it has a few peculiarities. Everyone knows each other. You can tell when your grandma asks your new boy's last name to see if he belongs to a known family or not. Also you can tell everyone knows each other because people hang out in masses, especially around high school and college. A bar opens and they're all there partying for up to 10 weekends straight. Also, there is really no social life during the week. You can tell about that when you're driving into town and you can't find a single traffic light working after 10 p.m. There are many different things that make this town peculiar for me and for everyone else but despite all that, I wouldn't change it for anything. This is a place where I would like to raise a family and maybe, just maybe grow old. Do you feel the same about your home town? What's it like?

Ana Lu

Sep 22, 2014

Orange is the new black

Jumper: H&M / Skirt: Zara / Sandals: Forever 21

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the TV show that titles this post not because I don't like it but because I haven't got passed the second episode. However I think the title fits perfectly in this post since the orange skirt is clearly the star here. Ever since I saw it, I loved it. As usual, I didn't buy it the first time and had to wait till I saw it for the second time in another Zara store. It is very comfortable and looks amazing. The thing I love the most is how flattering it is for your body and how it can accentuate the curves I never thought I had. This is one outfit I will wear to work and I am defenitely looking forward to it. 


Tengo que admitir que no soy tan fan de la serie que tiene el mismo nombre que este post y no porque no me guste sino porque no he podido pasar del segundo episodio. Sin embargo creo que el título calza perfectamente con el post porque justamente esta falda naranja es la estrella del outfit. Desde que la vi me enamoré del color y del corte. Como es usual en mis compras, no la compré la primera vez que la vi y tuve que esperar a mi próxima visita a una tienda Zara para poder comprarla. Me encanta lo favorecedora que es para la figura y el hecho de que acentúa las curvas que yo no sabía tenía. Este es un outfit que voy a ponerme para ir a trabajar y no puedo esperar para hacerlo. :)

Happy Monday!! 

Ana Lu

Sep 18, 2014

Out and about

Sweater: Pull&Bear / Jeans: Forever 21 / Booties: Zara / Back-pack: Claire's

I know heels are not the best option for walking through these kind of paths but that's the outfit I put together for this location. I'm finding really interesting to create contrast between the background and the outfit because they should complement each other and work together as a whole. Instead of photographing an outfit, I'm trying to create something that looks beautiful but most importantly I want the pictures to be memorable to you. This time, the elements combined with each other rather than created contrast but still worked overall. 

The place we took these pictures was just a simple path that lead who knows where but it was surrounded by plantations and trees on both sides and I thought it was just beautiful. I realized my country has too many beautiful landscapes and backgrounds that are really worth looking at, so I will try from now on to scout the places we photograph a lot better so that you can get a little bit of my country in each picture. Even if you live in Costa Rica, I'm sure my pictures are going to have a different vantage point than you have so it will be a little refreshing to see them anyways. 


 Yo se que los tacones no son una opción para caminar este tipo de suelo pero esa era la idea de outfit que tenía para justamente este tipo de caminos. Me doy cuenta que me está gustando mucho crear contraste entre el fondo de las fotos y el outfit que fotografiamos porque creo que son dos elementos que deberían complementarse y trabajar juntos como un todo. En vez de fotografiar un outfit solamente, estoy tratando que con cada foto podamos crear algo más grande que sea agradable a la vista y además de eso memorable. Esta vez, los elementos en vez de contrastar, combinaron perfectamente e igualmente hizo que funcionara el look. 

El lugar donde tomamos las fotos era un simple camino que no sabemos a donde nos llevaba pero se veía muy hermoso desde lejos. Estaba rodeado de pura vegetación y sembradíos por los dos lados por lo que no pensé dos veces en tomar las fotos aquí. Me di cuenta que mi país tiene demasiados paisajes lindos que valen la pena fotografiar por lo que decidí que de ahora en adelante les voy a dar una pincelada de lo que mi país tiene para ofrecer en todas mis fotos y de esta manera vean un poquito más de lo que es Costa Rica. Aún si son de aquí, estoy segura que desde donde nosotros tomemos las fotos, va a ser un punto de vista diferente al de ustedes entonces será igualmente interesante y refrescante ver las fotos. 

Ana Lu